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Since 1957, a magical world of achievements, a tradition that began from afar

Thanks to Founder Giuliano Ravizza’s intuition on the importance of marketing, the Annabella brand shot straight to stardom on the international scene, with fashion shows at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, the design of “Misha”, the mink mascot of the Moscow 1980 Olympic Games and the presentation of a collection in the presence of Mrs. Breznev. The brand was an ambassador for Italian fashion at the United States bicentennial celebrations at the White House, and countless celebrities and testimonials went on to make Annabella famous throughout the world.

The legendary 70’s and 80’s Top Model Verushka was the first celebrity to endorse the brand, followed by the film director Franco Zeffirelli who made a TV commercial for Annabella starring Jerry Hall, after which it was the turn of Alain Delon with a young Monica Bellucci, and once again Sophia Loren linked her image to the brand that went on to become an icon of Italian fur, through the lens of fashion photographer Gianpaolo Barbieri.

Over the years, and thanks to the second generation represented today by Riccardo, Ruggero and Simonetta Ravizza, the Annabella brand has stayed at the cutting edge of fashion both in terms of brand image and product. Always a benchmark for the Italian fur industry, with innovative collections, the use of colors and state-of-the-art craftsmanship that characterize “Annabella Pavia” garments, a skillful mix of tradition, luxury and technology for a discerning audience, ever alert to the latest trends.

The opening of the new Flagship Store symbolizes today’s desire to look to the future, as passionate as ever about the new challenges this project brings.




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