60 years of history renewed

2018 sees the opening of a newly renovated Annabella in new premises.

Still in the centre of Pavia, but now in a more convenient area, and based upon an entirely new, modernized concept.

A major turning point, considering that the company was founded back in 1957, exactly 60 years ago, the move represents a bold step towards the future: “60 years of history renewed

A new Annabella awaits you in Piazza Minerva – an Annabella 2.0, better suited to a new generation of customer. An atelier/boutique that stays true to the traditional values and history of the maison, presenting them in an updated, contemporary key.

Address: Piazza Minerva, 11 – 27100 Pavia
Phone: +39.0382.21122 – +39.0382.21761
Email: atelier@annabella.it
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday (closed Sundays) 9.00 – 12.30 / 15.00 – 19.00